Monday, August 10, 2015

Preparing your quilt for machine quilting.

  • Piece your top carefully.  The flatter the top is, the better it will quilt up.
  • Trim away any stray threads on the top as well as the backing.

  • Press your top and backing carefully.
  • Your backing will loaded onto  the machine with the seams running horizontal.
  • Backing must be at least 4” longer on all sides.
  • Ensure your backing is square (90degree corners parallel to sides).  Wonky edges are hard to attach to the quilting machine.
  • Don’t pin or baste your quilt.
  • If your top is directional, mark the top edge with a pin and a sticky note stating so.
  • Remove any embellishments.  Reattach them after the quilting is complete.
  • Leave the cutting of scalloped edges until after the quilting is complete.
  • Stay stitch 1/8” around pieced border to prevent seams from opening.

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