Sunday, August 30, 2015

This past month I have been working on a quilt that will go in the Northwest Quilting Expo in September.  Jeri our fearless leader had chosen a theme about the Pearl District in Portland.  She read from a article in the Oregonian about how the Pearl was named.

It was a story about a man named Thomas and how he met Pearl, in which the District is named after.

These words inspired me to make this quilt and these are the words that I quilted in the dark empty space.

Pearl was from the Amhara region of Ethiopia, a tall, striking woman with skin "the color of a dark pecan shells.. . . she spoke to me in French and gave me her hand and I fainted. She was so beautiful and it was hot that night and I was only 19." Thomas stayed up all night talking to Pearl. That night forged a friendship between Thomas and Pearl, the altruistic, well-read woman who, Thomas remembers, always smelled like gardenias. It was a friendship that lasted 31 years until Pearl's death.
Thomas still misses the woman who was his friend for 31 years. "At night sometimes I smell gardenias, and I feel like she's still here."

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